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Hand Engraving


Cuff Bracelet

Western bright cut engraving in sterling silver and 18KY

Bright cut engraving.png

Engagement Ring

Bright cut engraving with milgrain in Platinum

Bright cut western.png

Bracelet Charm

Western bright cut with rope pattern border in sterling silver

Skull initial.png

Men's Bracelet

Skull line engraving with bright cut initial in 14KY

Dog portrait.png

Dog Portrait Charm

Crosshatch line engraving in sterling silver



Western bright cut engraving with zig-zag border in 14KY


Family Crest Ring

Line engraving in 14KY

Scroll engraving.png

Engagement Ring

Filigree scroll engraving with milgrain in 14KW

Signet rings.png

Signet Ring Set

Line engraving in 14KW

Dimpled engraving.png

Bucking Bronco Pendant

Dimpled engraving in 14KY and sterling silver


Groomsman Cufflinks

Line engraved monograms in 14KY and 14KW

money clip.png

Money Clip

Western bright cut in sterling silver

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